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Starting out as a production assistant in the SF Bay area in 2011, I’ve since worked my way into the camera department in a multitude of positions. I am currently working as a Digital Imaging Technician but am always willing to help out in any camera department position. Below is a list of my current DIT kit and my cinematography reel. 

Cinemaography Reel                                                                              DIT/Color Reel




15” Macbook Pro (2018 i9 32GBRAM)

15” Macbook Pro (2015 i7 16GBRAM)

Pomfort Silverstack LAB, Livegrade PRO

Davinci Resolve 16

ShotputPro 6

Sony Raw Viewer

Red Cine-X

Final Cut Pro X

Compressor, MpegStreamclip,

Handbrake, Disk Drill Recovery




Odyssey 7Q 7” monitor w/ RAW License

Flanders Scientific DM240 24” 10-bit mointor

TV Logic VFM-055A 5.5” Oled monitor

27” LG HDR 4K monitor 27UK600

Blackmagic Mini Monitor, 

Blackmagic HDSDI-HDMI converter

Decimator 2 HDSDIHDMI converter




Voyager Evo 36 camera cart 

Tangent Ripple Color Panel

Trippelite 900W backup battery/

Tripplitte 1U power distribution

SKB 8U roto case, 4U roto case 

Akitio Thunder3 Quad Mini RAID w/ Samsung 860 EVO SSD  (4TB)

Atech Flash Tech Blackjet UX-1 

(ssd, xqd, cfast, cf, sd/mini)

Dymo Labelwriter 450

Brother Labeler PTD400

Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Hub



Sony Fs700R Package


Metabones SONY to CANON


Switronix V-mount battery x4

Canon 5dMK2 Stills Package

Canon 24-105MM Lf/4    x2

Canon 50mm 1.8

Rokinon 14mm T3

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